What Is the Best Shower Door Glass Thickness?

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At Bathroom Fitting Experts, we know that shower glass is considered an standard that is included in the list of any bathroom renovation. You should not take thickness lightly. 

There is great importance on the thickness of shower door glass because it contributes to the appearance of the door. You must hire a professional for the installation of the shower door glass with suitable and efficient thickness.

This guide provides you with detailed information regarding shower door glass, which will help you to select the right thickness for your door. For inspiration from our work, explore our gallery.

Standard Shower Glass Door Thickness

It is a difficult task to create such shower doors whose thickness is enough to maintain their appearance and structural integrity. These doors must be light enough so that they could be mounted on the wall. 

Majorly, most bathroom fitters use two thickness pairs available depending on the shower glass doors. The standard glass door thickness options for both framed and frameless doors:

  • 1/4″  
  • 3/8″
  • 1/2″ 
  • 3/4″

Shower Glass Thickness Chart

Standard or not, the fact is that we come across different products, that fall but are not limited to the following thickness chart:

5 mm ~ 3/16″MinimumCheapest
6.4 mm ~ 1/4″AcceptableBudget
8 mm ~ 5/16″AcceptableBudget
9.5 mm ~ 3/8”StableAffordable
12.7 mm ~ 1/2″RobustCostly
14.3 mm ~ 9/16″SolidCostly
16 mm ~ 5/8″SolidCostly
17.46 mm ~ 11/16″HeavyCostly
19 mm ~ 3/4″HeavyCostly
21.4 mm ~ 27/32″HeavyCostly

3/16” Glass 

The minimum possible. Extremely risky. Usually used for small doors

1/4” Glass 

Offers a slightly sturdier feel compared to its thinner companion. It’s widely used for being the most budget-friendly option.

5/16” Glass

A standard widely used throughout home stores.

3/8” Glass 

It is considered as the standard minimum thickness of the shower door glass which is efficient to provide stability. It is enough to prove the efficient soundness of the glass door. You can get it at affordable prices. It is easy to install and maintain.

1/2“ Glass 

It is thicker than 3/8” glass as it is more substantial. It is expensive so you should buy it if you are not low on budget. It provides a better opulent feel and structural soundness.

9/16“  Glass 

A non-standard size that is nevertheless sturdy and reliable. 

5/8“ Glass 

Again, non-standard thickness. Like the rest of the less popular, it comes to availability.

11/16“  Glass 

Another less-common standard you could come across showrooms.

3/4“ Glass 

Among the extreme in thickness, this is heavy glass that can withstand quite the hit and shake.

27/32“  Glass 

There are very few things that can damage or lift glass blocks of such thickness.

Hire Bathroom Professionals

You must hire a professional to get a shower door properly installed on your property. Only an expert will suggest the right shower door thickness and fit it so mould doesn’t get through the fugue, comments cleaning professional Olivia Joyce. It is because skilful tradespeople can determine how much weight-bearing ability your wall can take. Professional bathroom fitters know the thickness of your glass door according to the weight that could be bear by the surrounding wall, she adds.

If you install heavy glass doors on weak walls, it can cause serious damage and result in wasting your money too. Bathroom fitting experts make sure that the right thickness per type of glass door. 

Source: ETO Doors Glass Doors.

Professional tradespeople also measure the height of the glass doors before installing them.

Types of Shower Glass

You should select the type of shower glass before getting one installed in your bathroom. You must know about two major types of shower glass, i.e. tempered shower glass and laminated shower glass:

Laminated Shower Glass

It is considered a glass sandwich because they make it from multiple glass plies with the interlayer of vinyl. It is helpful in blocking the transmission of UV light. When laminated shower glass breaks, it breaks into large sharp pieces that could cause injury.

Tempered Shower Glass

Preferred by many professionals – use tempered glass for your bathroom shower door. It is stronger than laminated shower glass. It breaks into small pieces when something hits it. So, these small pieces of glass are less likely to cause damage or injury than non-tempered ones.

Shower Enclosure Styles

The shower enclosure style plays a vital role in the thickness of the shower door glass. So, you should select the enclosure style according to your needs, requirements, and preferences. The common shower enclosure styles are:

  • Semi-Frameless Shower Enclosures;
  • Frameless Shower Enclosures;
  • Frameless Shower Enclosures.

Semi-Frameless Shower Enclosures

It is a style in which one or more glass panels are featured. It means that it includes some framed panels and the door will remain frameless. It showed that there is no framing in between. This closure style does not require very thick glass which could save you money.

Frameless Shower Enclosures

There is no frame in this enclosure style of the door. We used hardware for replacing the framing of the door. The pieces of glass are joined using the hardware which is helpful for the door to operate. It’s not that easy installing frameless doors but looks pretty good in the end. In this case, the glass needs to be heavier and thicker than normal glass to provide efficient structural integrity.

Framed Shower Enclosures

It is a common shower enclosure style that consists of framed shower doors. Metal is used for the purpose of framing all four corners of the glass panels. Structural integrity is provided with the help of framing. So, for this purpose, you need thinner glass than usual. It will also save you money.

Check out  more shower enclosure styles by QRG Tech.

Prioritise Safety

As we know, the thickness of the glass door matters but safety also matters a lot. It does not take time for a shower door glass to break. And when it breaks, all the pieces of the glass shatter on the floor. These pieces of glass can be dangerous for you and your family and can cause injury.

So, you should not sacrifice your safety just to get a glass shower door installed in your house to make your bathroom attractive. If you really want to install one, you must install a frameless shower door. It is because it is safer than other types of shower doors. It is also long-lasting and durable.

No doubt, it is more expensive than others but if you buy cheap ones which are thin, you may have to pay medical bills later. So, you should not risk the health of you and your loved ones.

Prefer Choice: Tempered Glass

The use of tempered glass is mostly preferred for your bathroom shower door. No doubt, it is the most popular and famous material in the modern era for shower doors. It not only adds value to your bathroom but is also safer than other types of glasses.

When tempered glass gets broken, it does not break into sharp pieces. It is because it is heated to make it soft and when it gets broken, it shatters into smaller pieces. Oval-shaped pebbles shatter on the floor.

Tempered glass is available in different styles as it is one of the decorative items for your bathroom. You must hire a professional to get it installed in your bathroom efficiently.

Bathroom Glass Thickness, Final Words

You should select the right thickness for your shower door glass. ½” thickness of the glass door is preferred. But the thickness highly depends upon the closure style of the door. It also depends upon your needs and preferences along with your budget. 

You should consider your safety while getting a shower door glass installed in your bathroom because it does not take time to get broken. 

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