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Bathroom Fitters Ealing

You know you haven't maintained your bathroom for quite some time when your floor tiles move about with each step you take. A problem that could be easily solved by hiring a team of skilled bathroom fitters in Ealing! From retiling your floor and making small repairs to installing new furniture and re-painting everything in an inviting colour, the local technicians can easily usher your old bathroom straight into the 21st century. But what if you wish to turn your spare bedroom into a stylish en suite? Just name a time and place and we'll use all tools and materials at our disposal to make your wish come true! We'll also improve your customer experience via the following:

  • We'll provide you with a complimentary home consultation and price quotes;
  • Our work routine will be dictated by your daily schedule alone;
  • All bathroom modifications, made by the diligent technicians, will be completely insured;
  • Our service covers all local postcodes and addresses and will closely follow your budget;

Don't know where to start with your renovation? You could begin by browsing some of our previous shower installation Ealing projects below:

How Your Local Bathroom Fitters Get the Job Done

At the start of your session, the bathroom fitters will offer you a home consultation to help you equip your bathroom with reasonably priced furniture, accessories, and tiles that would best match your vision. As soon as the consultation is over, the Ealing bathroom fitters will proceed to disconnect everything from your existing bathroom (shower screen, toilet pan, vanity unit, etc.), with the option to install everything back or permanently dispose of it once all work has been completed.

1. Refurbishment & repairs – If you decided to update your existing bathroom, then the team will:

  • Hack off and replace currently used floor and wall tiles;
  • Remove and replace plasterboards from bathroom walls;
  • Treat cracks, crumbing plaster, and other damage on walls and floors;
  • Plaster and dry-line walls to easily place new decorations; 
  • Perform plumbing & electrical works and install new furniture;
  • Apply new decorations and/or re-paint the bathroom.

2. Fittings & installations – If you went for an en suite instead, then the bathroom specialists in Ealing will assist you with the entire furnishing process by installing:

  • Toilet bowl & cistern;
  • Bathtub, shower & shower tray;
  • Lights, spotlights & extractor fans;
  • Mirrors, vanity units & more.

Customer feedback is what makes or breaks any company. We are happy to report that we've met the bathroom installation Ealing demands of all our customers, as reflected in the reviews below:

Bathroom Renovation Ealing – Required Equipment & Supplies

Everything – from tools to safety equipment – is covered by our comprehensive bathroom refurbishment Ealing service. Here are some of the most common items that we will always bring along:

  • Instruments: Tape measures, step ladders, hand tools, and spirit levels lie at the core of our flexible inventory. Other tools include hammer drills, tile cutters, angle grinders, circular saws, and more;
  • Protective gear: You can never be too prepared and each expert will wear special clothing, gloves, mask, and goggles to successfully get out of harm's way.

We also offer unique discounts (up to 20%) if we order every element for your bathroom via our partnership with a well-known brand! Of course, your bathroom fitter won't stop you from doing this on your own and will happily help you place everything in its rightful spot.

Realise Your Vision With Bathroom Fitting Ealing Now!

It is true that our bathroom fitting Ealing service will renew your bathroom at a fair bathroom fitting cost. But it is also true that it is suitable for:

  • Homeowners who want to add unique flavour to their new property or want to sell it at the best possible price;
  • Landlords who are just now starting out and need fresh ideas to attract new tenants;
  • Tenants who are about to hire or leave a rented property; Hotel, restaurant, café, pub, and bar owners.

Booking a local shower fitting session is simple – contact any of our sales representatives and describe your current bathroom and what you wish to improve or re-design. We'll then examine your information and offer you a fixed or preliminary quote, as well as send a surveyor to perform one final inspection. Get in touch today via 020 3746 5384, our contact form, or through our website chat to enjoy a reliable and thorough service!

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