As per the latest lockdown announcement on 4th January, the Government guidelines continue to state that builders and tradespeople that require in-person attendance and where it is necessary for them to work in other people’s homes can still operate. Building merchants and suppliers of building products can remain open as usual to ensure the nation’s tradespeople can keep working.

Images of New Bathrooms We Have Fitted in London

Bathroom Fittings Experts have renovated bathrooms across London - in all kinds of properties. For instance, combined bathrooms, en-suite bathrooms, shower rooms, WCs and so on. Our specialists are familiar with various types of bathroom furniture such as vanity units, shower screens, toilet holders, bath tubes, shower trays, basins, toilet bowls, bathtubs and more. They also have extensive experience in the proper installation of bathroom fixtures such as extractor fans, plumbing and lighting fittings.

Why invest in your bathroom?

A fitted bathroom can be very beneficial for your property. After all, this location is one of the most important parts of any home or business. Feeling comfortable there is vital. Not to mention that a fully fitted and refurbished bathroom significantly increases the value of any property.

Take a moment to browse through our bathroom fitting gallery. It features some of the previous bathroom refurbishment projects that our specialists have worked on.

What do you think about the fitted bathrooms you see here? Why not choose an example from the gallery for your team to follow? Or, if you already have some ideas yourself, we'll be happy to accommodate you.

Contact us

To book your bathroom fitting service in London, simply dial 020 3746 5384 and talk to our friendly customer care team. They will be happy to provide you with additional information and confirm your preferred schedule. You can also make your booking online by filling in our simple contact form. Or you can start a live chat session with one of our planning team now.